Purpose of the Undergraduate Program:

The Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology offers a 4 years program leading to the bachelor of science in medical technology. Students enrolled in the Undergraduate Program are offered training in all major areas of the clinical laboratory through regular lectures, Problem Based Learning (PBL), laboratory practices, and an internship program. During the first three years, the student is required to study theoretical knowledge in general science and preliminary medical technology courses. In the 4th year of the program, we would provide internship for a semester in an affiliated hospital.


Purpose of Postgraduate Programs:

The Postgraduate Programs, including Master and Ph.D. Programs, in Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology seeks to provide the student with skills and knowledge for professional enhancement. Graduates of the programs may be candidates for positions as laboratory managers, education coordinators, hospital or college/university medical technology faculty members, researchers, departmental supervisors, etc. The program is structured to provide the student with an area of emphasis, i.e. areas such as microbiology, biochemistry, hematology, genetics, immunology, toxicological analysis and molecular toxicology, or education.

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