Aims and Perspectives

The department aims to provide medical laboratory science and biotechnology education, research and services, to train students as professionals in medical laboratory science and biotechnology with humanistic qualities and medical care, and to be competent in basic research and clinical services.  The department is dedicated to educate and train students as professionals in medical laboratory science and biotechnology industries by teaching professional knowledge and skills, question oriented learning, and clinical practices in hospitals. In addition, to cultivate research and development professionals in academic and industrial fields are also the intention of the department. Moreover, the department will continue to work on outstanding teaching, innovative research and advanced services in the future for the rapid globalization era and set the trend for domestic medicine industry.

Features of Dept.

(1) Educate and train the professionals in biomedical laboratory science and biotechnology fields. (2) Focus on research and developments in biomedical laboratory technology and applications in biomedicine. (3) Promote the development of biotechnology based on both clinical laboratory science and basic science. (4)  Clinical practice internships are required for the senior students to combine the basic theories with clinical applications. (5) Teachers have developed positive relationship with students. Two student counselors are assigned for each grade to help students solve problems in their life and the studies.

Course Features

The department aims to promote the development of medical technology and sciences, educate and train students as biomedical technology professionals in clinical, academic, and industrial fields. The teaching objectives focus on both clinical laboratory science and basic science, and to promote the development of biomedical laboratory technology. Course characteristics include molecular biology, biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunology, biomedical analysis, and toxicology. The courses also emphasize on clinical teaching and to combine basic theories with clinical practice. In addition, the department also provides courses on medical laboratory sciences and biotechnology for students in order to strengthen their competitiveness.

Future Careers and Developmental Paths

1. Students are required to take four-year courses and then graduate with a Bachelor degree of Science. Graduates can apply for the medical laboratory scientist qualification exam and work in fields of medical laboratory science, food and drug testing, forensic science and toxicology testing, health and environmental testing, biotechnology, biomedicines, chemical analysis, and medical testing equipment. 2. Graduates can also pursue further studies in domestic or foreign graduate schools related to medical laboratory science, biological science and technology, basic medical sciences, medical engineering, analytical sciences, biotechnology, life sciences, molecular biology, bioinformatics and etc.

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